Laser Hair Removal

Superfluous hair growth may occur due to a hereditary predisposition, as a side effect of certain types of drugs, overproduction of male hormones and ageing No matter, how beautiful a women looks, just a few unwanted hair on face can camouflage her entire beauty.
Your skin is precious and frankly doesn’t deserve to be aggressively treated with other practices like bleach, depilatory creams, threading or waxing, which at times can leave ugly patches on the skin.The laser treatment for hair removal is permanent, safe and easy in comparison to all other treatment!Not just women, even men are walking in for laser Hair removal for Beard Shaping, Unwanted hair on ears, chest etc.

Laser Hair Removal works best in lighter skinned, darker haired patients. Because the target chromophore in hair follicles is melanin pigment, less laser energy is absorbed by the skin and more by the hair follicle.The laser pulses for just a fraction of a second, heating the hair follicle and impairing its ability to re-grow. Significantly less hair grows back with each treatment…..ultimately resulting in your goal of permanent hair reduction.Hormonal profile is indicated when there are other clinic problems associate with excessive unwanted hair.
At Bansal Skin & Smile Clinic, we utilize the latest in laser hair removal technology including the US FDA approved by LUMENIS LIGHT SHEER DIODE LASER SYSTEM. This advanced technology makes treatment available to patients who previously were not the candidates for laser hair reduction. As hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are required for optimum results depending upon your skin, hair colour and coarseness of the hair. After the session of hair reduction, a person can return to regular activities immediately.

  • Upto eighty to ninty percent reduction in hairs can be achieved.
  • Time taken : Depends on body part. Face takes 20mins.
  • Recommended for: Permanent removal of unwanted hair from the entirebody.
  • Visible Results: 6-10 Sessions are recommended for best results.
  • Frequency: A 4-8 week gap is required between each session to target hairin the growing stage. We recommended one session in the year tomaintain results achieved.